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Oxford Revise AQA A Level Physics Science Answers

Here you’ll find all the answers to the activities and exam-style practice questions featured in Oxford Revise: AQA A Level Physics.

Chapter 1: Measurements and errors
Chapter 2: Particles and radiation
Chapter 3: Properties of particles
Chapter 4: Progressive and stationary waves
Chapter 5: Reflection, diffraction, and interference
Chapter 6: Force, energy, and momentum 1
Chapter 7: Force, energy, and momentum 2
Chapter 8: Materials
Chapter 9: Current electricity
Chapter 10: Circuits
Chapter 11: Circular motion
Chapter 12: Simple harmonic motion
Chapter 13: Thermal physics
Chapter 14: Gravitational fields
Chapter 15: Electric fields
Chapter 16: Capacitance
Chapter 17: Magnetic fields
Chapter 18: Electromagnetic induction
Chapter 19: Radioactivity
Chapter 20: Nuclear energy
Chapter 21: Telescopes
Chapter 22: Stars and cosmology
Chapter 23: Physics of the eye and ear
Chapter 24: Medical imaging
Chapter 25: Rotational dynamics
Chapter 26: Thermodynamics and engines
Chapter 27: The discovery of the electron
Chapter 28: Wave-particle duality and special relativity
Chapter 29: Discrete semiconductor devices
Chapter 30: Analogue and digital signals
Multiple-choice Questions