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A Level Revision
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A Level Revision

Exam time again – how did that happen so quickly?!

Whether you are a revision pro and skipped into the GCSE exam hall full of confidence, or didn’t quite find your revision mojo at GCSE – Oxford Revise is here to help with your A Levels! We can show you how to be effective with every minute of your A Level revision. From must-read tips from experts to advice for maintaining revision intensity throughout your A Levels. We’ve got you covered – you’re here, you can do it. Let us help you!

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Your Science A Levels explained

Watch Series Editor Primrose Kitten break your A Level Science exams down for you. Primrose gives you lots of useful tips including the importance of showing your working and tricks for highlighting command words. 

Revision and exam support

Revision planner

Your revision plan is going to be one of your most important revision tools (alongside your Oxford Revise Revision Guides of course 😉). Use this free planner to start building yours.

Big Manny's revision tips

Watch Big Manny show you his top revision tips; from switching between subjects to doing as many past papers as possible. What’s his number one top tip? Watch the video to find out!

10 Tips for maintaining revision intensity

Find out how to manage your revision workload and prevent burnout with advice from Series Editor Primrose Kitten. Her most important advice – remembering that you’ve got this.