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GCSE Science Revision

Welcome to the home of revision that works! Oxford Revise has been developed by cognitive science experts, specifically designed to help the information get stuck in your long-term memory. We’ve got lots of support to help you make every minute of your revision count as you prepare for your Science GCSEs including experiment videos from Big Manny and lots of top tips and advice from Series Editor Primrose Kitten.

Be like this science whizz and let Oxford Revise help you too:
“Managed to jump up 4 grades from this book. Totally recommend it. Life saver with plenty of exam questions and materials inside.”
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Top tips for your GCSE science revision

YouTuber and Series Editor Primrose Kitten shares her top tips for science revision. From understanding the question, to making it a habit. Check out her advice and smash your science!

Revision and exam support

Big Manny Chromatography experiment

Science with Big Manny: Chromatography

Check out Oxford Revise’s series of science experiment videos. In this experiment, watch Manny use chromatography to separate ink.

Science practicals with Big Manny

Big Manny goes through his top tips to help you make the most of your science practicals so that you can confidently answer questions on practical techniques in your Chemistry GCSE.