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GCSE Revision
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GCSE Revision

Lots of subjects and not enough time? Don’t panic, Oxford Revise is here to help you to do your best in your GCSEs. We can show you how to be effective with every minute of your revision so that you enter that exam hall confidently. From when to start revising and how to write a manageable plan, to tips and advice for specific subjects from expert teachers. We’ve got you covered – you’re here, you can do it. Let us help you!

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When should I start revising?

We’ve got lots of support for you on how to build a revision plan that works however much time you’ve got. Check out how that pesky forgetting curve works, and how you can combat it with a stellar plan. Spoiler alert: it’s Knowledge, Retrieval, Practice.

Revision and exam support

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Revising for your Religious Studies exam

Religious Education Teacher and Series Editor Dawn Cox shares lots of advice for your Religious Studies GCSE. Plus suggestions for keeping flash cards interesting!

Top tips for your GCSE Maths revision

Maths Teacher Deb Friis talks you through the two main elements your maths revision should focus on. You might fancy a run after reading this one!

Revision topics

Big Manny's revision tips

Watch Big Manny show you his top revision tips; from switching between subjects to doing as many past papers as possible. What’s his number one top tip? Watch the video to find out!

Primrose Kitten

Top tips for your GCSE Science revision

YouTuber and Series Editor Primrose Kitten shares her top tips for science revision. From understanding the question, to making it a habit. Check out her advice and smash your science!

Revision planner

Your revision plan is going to be one of your most important revision tools (alongside your Oxford Revise Revision Guides of course 😉). Use this free planner to start building yours.