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About Oxford Revise
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ABOUT Oxford Revise

That moment of walking into the exam hall; heart beating faster, wondering what questions are going to come up, slightly sweaty palms and butterflies performing the conga in your tummy. We know what that moment feels like. The Oxford Revise Team are determined to create the most effective revision support to help you.

Whoever you are, whatever your circumstances, whatever your aspirations and goals, our mission is for you to walk into that exam hall with confidence. Confident in the knowledge you have, confident in the tools and strategies to recall what you know, and confident that you’ve had lots of practice and support so that you feel ready.

Our approach is simple. It’s effective. It’s for everyone. It works.


Oxford Revise Revision Guides have been created by subject experts alongside cognitive science specialists. They combine everything you need to know for your subjects in a way that’s proven to stick in your brain and be the most effective way to remember.

Each Revision Guide follows these 3 simple steps:

  • Knowledge: Start your revision session with a Knowledge Organiser, which presents and explains all the key information you need.
  • Retrieval: Check how much you have really learned with some quick-fire recall questions on the Knowledge Organiser. Test your knowledge of previous chapters to make sure that your revision sticks.
  • Practice: Give yourself loads of practice with exam-style questions so that you are exam-ready!

You’re here. You found us – welcome to the home of straight-forward revision that works. You’ve got this, and Oxford Revise are here to help you.

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Our sustainability promise

Oxford Revise is printed in the UK, on Forest Stewardship Council certified sustainable paper, and using vegetable-based inks. The series is produced at our Head Office in Oxford, which is powered by renewable electricity and sends zero waste to landfill. Find out more about how we are working to improve our sustainability.

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Our experts

Find out more about the Oxford Revise Series Editors and Authors.

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Revision at school

UK Schools save 50% on Oxford Revise books

Order from Oxford University Press using your UK school account and save 50%. Plus, UK Schools can get 20% of their English and Maths revision guides for FREE when ordering through their local consultant.

The Oxford Revise app

The Oxford Revise App was retired in June 2023 and is no longer available to download.