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Revision tips for parents
Student studing at desk

Exam support for Parents and Carers

Where has all the time gone? By this point you’ve supported your child through many, many years of schooling and now somehow it’s already time for exams! The Oxford Revise Team know first-hand what it’s like to support children through exams; it’s tough work! Many of us feel like we sat the exams ourselves. But we know you’ve got this!

Here you can find content on how to support your child through this next stage of their education and understand how the cognitive science behind Oxford Revise works to ensure every child can enter that exam room ready for what’s next.

Parent tips

Mother helping son with revision

A parents' guide to GCSEs

How can you support your child through their GCSEs? What do the 9-1 grades mean? What revision habits should you be encouraging? Read on for lots of tips from the Oxford Revise Team

How to support your child with A Levels

Lots of simple advice from the Oxford Revise Team on how to support your child with A Levels. From helping with motivation, looking out for signs of stress, and how to prepare for results day.