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Oxford Revise Edexcel GCSE History: Superpower relations and the Cold War, 1941-91

Learn everything you need to know about the period topic Superpower relations and the Cold War, 1941-91. You will build the knowledge you need to do well in your Edexcel GCSE History exam.

ISBN-10: 1382040431

ISBN-13: 9781382040433

About Oxford Revise Edexcel GCSE History: Superpower relations and the Cold war, 1941-91 revision guide 

Revise the full specification for this choice of period topic in the GCSE Edexcel History exam, from early tension between East and West to the collapse of the USSR. Each development or crisis is clearly covered.

Retrieval questions help you check your learning. Exam practice questions and model answers will give you plenty of exam practice.

Contents list
History: Superpower relations and the Cold war, 1941-91

  1. Early tension between East and West
  2. The development of the Cold War
  3. The Cold War intensifies
  4. Cold War crisis: Berlin 1958-61
  5. Cold War crisis: Cuba
  6. Cold War crisis: the Prague Spring
  7. Changing relationship between the superpowers
  8. The collapse of the USSR
Revise effectively with Oxford Revise
This guide covers every topic in the Edexcel GCSE History: Superpower relations and the Cold war, 1941-91 [exam board / qualification / subject] course in depth, using clear, easy-to-understand language. Key terms boxes highlight the important words and language that you need to understand and help you to use them confidently. Revision tips give you quick ways to understand the core concepts and practice remembering them.

Each chapter has lots of exam-style questions for you to practice. These are designed to build your confidence, consolidate your knowledge and stretch your understanding. Exam tips show you how to interpret questions, what you need to do in your answers, and give you advice on how to get as many marks as possible.

The Oxford Revise approach
Oxford Revise uses a clear three-step method to get you ready for your exams.

Step 1: Knowledge – learn the facts
Everything you need to know in each chapter is summarised in an easy-to-follow Knowledge Organiser.

Step 2: Retrieval – check you’ve retained the knowledge
Quick-fire recall questions and answers make sure you have learned the knowledge you will need for your exams.

Step 3: Practice – complete questions in the style of the final exams
Practice applying your knowledge and skills with plenty of exam-style questions, featuring hints and tips from revision and subject experts.

Our expert authors

Series editor: Aaron Wilkes

Aaron Wilkes
Richard McFahn

About Aaron Wilkes

Aaron has over 25 years’ experience working in schools as a teacher, department, and faculty leader.

He also leads the PGCE Secondary History course at the University of Warwick and is published widely as a school textbook author, mainly for Oxford University Press.

He is the co-creator/owner of an online History journal (practicalhistories.com) and is involved with the BBC as an Educational Consultant for their Bitesize and Teach platforms.

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