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Oxford Revise: Edexcel A Level Maths

Revise everything you need to do well in your Edexcel A Level Maths exam. You will build your skills and knowledge across Pure, Statistics and Mechanics in a way that sticks.

ISBN-10: 1382057709

ISBN-13: 9781382057707

About Oxford Revise: Edexcel A Level Maths revision guide 

This revision guide provides you with everything you need to revise for your A Level Maths exams.

Each topic in the Edexcel A Level Maths specification is clearly explained in knowledge organisers. There are plenty of worked examples to help you develop your skills, annotated with helpful guidance. Exam-style questions and model answers give you lots of exam practice and experience to build your confidence for the exam.

Contents list
  1. Indices, surds and proof
  2. Quadratics and their graphs
  3. Simultaneous equations
  4. Inequalities
  5. Polynomials and algebraic fractions
  6. Graphs of functions
  7. Functions
  8. Equation of a straight line
  9. Coordinate geometry of a circle
  10. Binomial expansion
  11. Arithmetic and geometric sequences
  12. Further sequences and series
  13. Trigonometric ratios
  14. Trigonometric functions
  15. Trigonometric identities and equations
  16. Exponential functions
  17. Logarithms
  18. Parametric equations
  19. Derivatives
  20. Gradients and graphs
  21. Differentiation methods
  22. Integration
  23. Integration methods
  24. Differential equations
  25. Numerical methods
  26. Vectors
  27. Collecting and interpreting data
  28. Representing data
  29. Correlation and regression
  30. Probability
  31. Discrete probability distributions
  32. The Normal distribution
  33. Hypothesis testing
  34. Kinematics
  35. Projectiles
  36. Forces and equilibrium
  37. Dynamics
  38. Moments

Oxford Revise: Edexcel A Level Maths answers coming soon

Revise effectively with Oxford Revise
This guide covers every topic in the Edexcel A Level Maths course using clear, easy-to-understand language and examples. Formula boxes highlight the formulas you need to know and use. Calculator boxes remind you of the efficient shortcuts you are able to take using your calculator. Key terms boxes show the important words and language that you need to understand and help you to use them confidently. Revision tips give you quick ways to understand the core concepts and practice remembering them.

Each chapter has lots of exam-style questions for you to practice. These are designed to build your confidence, consolidate your knowledge and stretch your understanding. Exam tips show you how to interpret questions, what you need to do in your answers, and give you advice on how to get as many marks as possible.

The Oxford Revise approach
Oxford Revise uses a clear three-step method to get you ready for your exams.

Step 1: Knowledge – learn the facts
Everything you need to know in each chapter is summarised in an easy-to-follow Knowledge Organiser.

Step 2: Retrieval – check you’ve retained the knowledge
Quick-fire recall questions and answers make sure you have learned the knowledge you will need for your exams.

Step 3: Practice – complete questions in the style of the final exams
Practice applying your knowledge and skills with plenty of exam-style questions, featuring hints and tips from revision and subject experts.

Our expert authors


Ian Bettison

Julie Pritchard

Mathew Taylor

Katie Wood


About Ian Bettison

Ian Bettison has been writing regularly for Oxford University Press since 2007. Most recently he has contributed to the Complete Mathematics for Cambridge IGCSE resources and the Key Stage 3 Mathematics Mosaic resources, as well as being part of the Oxford Revise expert author team.

He graduated from University College, Oxford with a degree in PPE in 1995. After working as a financial accountant in London, he retrained as a mathematics teacher and is now Subject Lead for Mathematics and STEM Coordinator at King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls in Birmingham.


About Julie Pritchard

Julie has taught maths in schools and colleges in the South East for 30 years, working as a teacher, head of department and Assistant Head Teacher. She has been a Specialist Leader of Education in Sussex, providing training for maths teachers and also Regional Lead for London and the South East for the Advanced Maths Support Programme (AMSP).

Julie now runs her own tutoring business based in Sussex. She is also an examiner for EDEXCEL and an external expert for OFQUAL.


About Mathew Taylor

Mathew Taylor has been teaching mathematics since 1994. During this time he has taught in a comprehensive school, a sixth form college and a selective grammar school. He is currently the Mathematics Key Stage 3 coordinator at a school near Birmingham.

Alongside teaching Mathew has co-authored several mathematics books for Oxford University Press and has also worked on the creation of online resources, for platforms such as MyMaths and Kerboodle. He is now part of the Oxford Revise expert author team.


About Katie Wood

Katie has been teaching Mathematics in the Surrey/Hampshire area for nearly 20 years, specialising for much of this time in the teaching and managing of post-16 provision.

Alongside teaching Katie has co-authored many publications including for KS3, GCSE and A-level as well as international qualifications. She has also been involved in the creation of online resources, including for platforms such as MyMaths and Kerboodle.

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