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Oxford Revise: AQA GCSE Geography

Revise and practise everything you need to know for the AQA GCSE Geography exam. You will cover everything from natural hazards and physical processes to climate change and urbanisation.

ISBN-10: 1382039816

ISBN-13: 9781382039819

About Oxford Revise: AQA GCSE Geography revision guide 

This revision guide will help you make sure you revise all the topics you need to know to do well in the AQA GCSE Geography exam, from changing economies to ecosystems.

You will revise how to apply your skills in the Geographical skills section and case studies are included to build your knowledge.

Plenty of practice exam-style questions with useful tips on how to approach them will help you make sure you’re exam-ready.

Contents list

AQA GCSE Geography

  1. Natural hazards and tectonic hazards
  2. The impacts and management of tectonic hazards
  3. Global atmospheric circulation
  4. Tropical storms
  5. Weather hazards in the UK
  6. The evidence and reasons for climate change
  7. Effects of climate change and their management
  8. Ecosystems from a local scale to global scale
  9. Managing tropical rainforests sustainably
  10. The characteristics of hot desert ecosystems
  11. Challenges and opportunities in hot deserts
  12. The characteristics of cold environments
  13. Challenges and opportunities in cold environments
  14. The UK’s diverse landscapes
  15. Physical processes shaping coastal landscapes
  16. Landforms resulting from coastal erosion
  17. Coastal management strategies
  18. River processes and landforms
  19. River flooding and management
  20. Glacial processes and landforms
  21. Glaciated upland areas
  22. Urbanisation, issues, and challenges
  23. Urbanisation: growth, opportunities, and challenges
  24. Urban change in the UK: where do people live?
  25. Urban change in the UK: a case study
  26. UK urban regeneration and sustainability
  27. Our unequal world and measuring development
  28. The causes and consequences of unequal development
  29. Reducing the development gap
  30. The changing economic world: a case study (1)
  31. The changing economic world: a case study (2)
  32. The changing UK economy: how and why has it changed?
  33. The changing UK economy: social and economic change and transport
  34. The UK and the wider world
  35. Resource management
  36. Food management
  37. Water management
  38. Energy management
  39. Geographical skills
  40. Geographical applications and skills
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Revise effectively with Oxford Revise

This guide covers every topic in the AQA GCSE Geography course in depth, using clear, easy-to-understand language. Key terms boxes highlight the important words and language that you need to understand and help you to use them confidently. Revision tips give you quick ways to understand the core concepts and practice remembering them.

Each chapter has lots of exam-style questions for you to practice. These are designed to build your confidence, consolidate your knowledge and stretch your understanding. Exam tips show you how to interpret questions, what you need to do in your answers, and give you advice on how to get as many marks as possible.

The Oxford Revise approach

Oxford Revise uses a clear three-step method to get you ready for your exams.

Step 1: Knowledge – learn the facts
Everything you need to know in each chapter is summarised in an easy-to-follow Knowledge Organiser.

Step 2: Retrieval – check you’ve retained the knowledge
Quick-fire recall questions and answers make sure you have learned the knowledge you will need for your exams.

Step 3: Practice – complete questions in the style of the final exams
Practice applying your knowledge and skills with plenty of exam-style questions, featuring hints and tips from revision and subject experts.

Our expert authors
Series editor: Tim Bayliss

Tim Bayliss
Andrew Crampton

About Tim Bayliss

In a teaching career spanning over 30 years, in both maintained and independent sectors, Tim Bayliss has held various positions of responsibility including Head of Geography, Head of Year, Head of House, Senior Sixth Form Tutor, Advanced Skills Teacher and Interactive Electronic Whiteboard (IWB) mentor.

A Chartered Geographer, he is published widely, including GCSE and A-level textbooks for Oxford University Press – in addition to co-authoring award-winning A-level e-resources for Cross Academe.

He has both lectured and led workshops on Effective IWB Practice in Geography Teaching and GIS, for regional and national Promethean, Royal Geographical Society and Geographical Association conferences.

Tim has also contributed to research projects in the production of exemplar materials for NESTA, the Geographical Association, the Royal Geographical Society, Ordnance Survey, BECTA and United Learning.

Tim was elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in 2023.

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