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Oxford Revise AQA GCSE Geography Answers

Here you’ll find all the answers to the activities and exam-style practice questions featured in Oxford Revise: AQA GCSE Geography.

Chapter 1 Natural hazards and tectonic hazards
Chapter 2 The impacts and management of tectonic hazards
Chapter 3 Global atmospheric circulation
Chapter 4 Tropical storms
Chapter 5 Weather hazards in the UK
Chapter 6 The evidence and reasons for climate change
Chapter 7 Effects of climate change and their management
Chapter 8 Ecosystems from a local scale to global scale
Chapter 9 Managing tropical rainforests sustainably
Chapter 10 The physical characteristics of hot desert ecosystems
Chapter 11 Opportunities and challenges in hot deserts
Chapter 12 The characteristics of cold environments
Chapter 13 Challenges and opportunities in cold environments
Chapter 14 The UK’s diverse landscapes
Chapter 15 Physical processes shaping coastal landscapes
Chapter 16 Coastal landforms
Chapter 17 Coastal management strategies
Chapter 18 River processes and landforms
Chapter 19 River flooding and management
Chapter 20 Glacial processes and landforms
Chapter 21 Glaciated upland areas
Chapter 22 Urbanisation, issues, and challenges
Chapter 23 Urbanisation: a case study
Chapter 24 Urban change in the UK: where do people live?
Chapter 25 Urban change in the UK: a case study
Chapter 26 UK urban regeneration and sustainable development
Chapter 27 Our unequal world and measuring development
Chapter 28 The causes and consequences of unequal development
Chapter 29 Reducing the development gap
Chapter 30 The changing economic world: a case study (1)
Chapter 31 The changing economic world: a case study (2)
Chapter 32 The changing UK economy: how and why has it changed?
Chapter 33 The changing UK economy: social and economic change and transport
Chapter 34 The changing UK economy: the UK and the wider world
Chapter 35 The global distribution of resources and resource provision in the UK
Chapter 36 Food management: global food supply
Chapter 37 Water management: global water supply
Chapter 38 Energy management: global energy supply
Chapter 39 Geographical applications and skills