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Oxford Revise KS3 Science Answers

Oxford Revise KS3 Science Revision and Practice

Here you’ll find all the answers to the activities and exam-style practice questions featured in Oxford Revise: KS3 Science.

B1: Cells
B2: Structure and function of body systems
B3: Reproduction
B4: Health and lifestyle
B5: Biological processes
B6: Ecosystems and adaptation
B7: Inheritance

C1: Particles
C2: Elements, atoms, and compounds
C3: Chemical reactions
C4: Acids and alkalis
C5: The Periodic Table
C6: Separation techniques
C7: Metals and other materials
C8: Earth

P1: Forces
P2: Sound
P3: Light
P4: Space
P5: Electricity and magnetism
P6: Energy
P7: Motion and pressure