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Oxford Revise OCR GCSE Computer Science Answers

Here you’ll find all the answers to the activities and exam-style practice questions featured in Oxford Revise: OCR GCSE Computer Science.

Chapter 1 Binary numbers
Chapter 2 Hexadecimal numbers
Chapter 3 Binary arithmetic
Chapter 4 The processor
Chapter 5 Electronic memory
Chapter 6 Operating systems
Chapter 7 Storing data
Chapter 8 Multimedia
Chapter 9 File size
Chapter 10 Networks
Chapter 11 Standards and protocols
Chapter 12 Online security
Chapter 13 Social issues
Chapter 14 Legal issues
Chapter 15 Computational thinking
Chapter 16 Writing algorithms
Chapter 17 Programming languages
Chapter 18 Values and variables
Chapter 19 Operator
Chapter 20 Inputs and outputs
Chapter 21 Selection structure
Chapter 22 Iteration (loop structures)
Chapter 23 Coding errors
Chapter 24 Testing
Chapter 25 Trace tables
Chapter 26 Decomposition
Chapter 27 Procedures and functions
Chapter 28 Safe and readable programs
Chapter 29 Strings and files
Chapter 30 Arrays
Chapter 31 Search algorithms
Chapter 32 Sort algorithms
Chapter 33 Data tables
Chapter 34 Electronic logic
Chapter 35 Logic diagrams