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Your GCSE Religious Studies Exam Explained with Dawn Cox

Exam preparation can be challenging with multiple GCSE subjects to revise for.  Dawn Cox our expert author for Oxford Revise explains about what you can expect from your Religious Studies GCSE Exam .

Video Transcript

Hi my name is Miss Cox and I’m here today to help you with revising for AQA GCSE religious studies. I am a religious studies teacher and I have written the Oxford Revised Revision guide for you.

So three ways to help you to revise. Number one, know the knowledge. So we’ve got two papers in the GCSE. Paper one is religions, divided into beliefs and teachings and practices. Paper Two is the themes paper, check which themes you’re doing, you’ll do 4 themes. Don’t revise the wrong ones.

So in the book have a look through the content, and I suggest you make some revision cards. Turn the information from one of those topics into some bullet points on your revision card, that will help you to remember, rather than just reading.

Second thing to do, in the revision guides we have a retrieval section. This will ask you some short questions about the content, and the great thing is we’ve put the questions in to help you remember from the current topic and from previous topics, to help you get this information into your long term memory ready for your exam.

Third thing, practice exam questions. We have put into the revision guide some practice questions for all the different exam question types that we have in the religious studies exam. Have a go at them, if you’re unsure of what to write, go back to the content, double check, have a go at answering using the technique for each type of question. Then you can look at the answers and see how well you.

So my 3 top tips for revising GCSE religious studies.

1 Know your stuff.
2 Get retrieving. Get quizzing. Get testing
3 Practice your exam questions.

These three will help you get ready for your GCSE religious studies exam.

Good luck.

Revision books


Revise all the beliefs and practices for Christianity and Islam that you need to know for the AQA GCSE Religious Studies A exam. You will build long-term memory and get plenty of exam practice.


Revise all the beliefs and practices from Christianity and Buddhism that you need to know for your AQA GCSE Religious Studies A exam. Revise, check and recall so that your Religious Studies revision sticks in your memory.