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Oxford Revise Edexcel GCSE Geography Answers

Here you’ll find all the answers to the activities and exam-style practice questions featured in Oxford Revise: Edexcel GCSE Geography.

Chapter 1 The atmospheric system
Chapter 2 Climate change
Chapter 3 Tropical cyclones
Chapter 4 Earth structure and tectonic plate movements
Chapter 5 Impacts of tectonic hazards
Chapter 6 Management of tectonic hazards
Chapter 7 Measuring development
Chapter 8 Global inequalities
Chapter 9 Theories of development
Chapter 10 Contrasting approaches to development
Chapter 11 Economic development in emerging countries
Chapter 12 The impacts of rapid development
Chapter 13 Urbanisation
Chapter 14 Urban process and change
Chapter 15 City changes over time
Chapter 16 Quality of life in a megacity
Chapter 17 Challenges and opportunities
Chapter 18 The UK’s landscapes and geology
Chapter 19 Human activities influencing UK landscapes
Chapter 20 Coastal change and processes
Chapter 21 Coastal change and conflict
Chapter 22 River processes and pressures
Chapter 23 River flooding and flood management
Chapter 24 The urban core and rural periphery
Chapter 25 Changes to the UK’s population and economy
Chapter 26 How is one major city changing?
Chapter 27 A changing city
Chapter 28 Challenges and opportunities in a UK city
Chapter 29 Urban improvement strategies
Chapter 30 The interdependence of rural and urban areas
Chapter 31 Challenges and opportunities facing rural areas
Chapter 32 Geographical investigations
Chapter 33 Global biomes and the biosphere
Chapter 34 The biosphere – a vital life-support system
Chapter 35 Tropical rainforests
Chapter 36 Conservation and sustainable management of tropical rainforests
Chapter 37 The taiga
Chapter 38 Conservation and sustainable management of the taiga
Chapter 39 Energy resource classification and use
Chapter 40 Access to energy resources
Chapter 41 Oil
Chapter 42 Global reliance on fossil fuels
Chapter 43 Reducing reliance on fossil fuels
Chapter 44 Changing attitudes to energy