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Oxford Revise AQA GCSE Combined Sciences Foundation Answers

Here you’ll find all the answers to the activities and exam-style practice questions featured in Oxford Revise: AQA GCSE Combined Science Foundation.

B1: Cell structure
B2: Cell transport
B3: Cell division
B4: Organisation in animals
B5: Enzymes
B6: Organising plants
B7: The spread of diseases
B8: Preventing and treating disease
B9: Non-communicable diseases
B10: Photosynthesis and respiration
B11: The nervous system and homeostasis
B12: Hormonal coordination
B13: Variation
B14: Reproduction
B15: Evolution
B16: Adaptations
B17: Organising an ecosystem
B18: Humans and biodiversity

C1: The atom
C2: Covalent bonding
C3: Ionic and metallic bonding, and structure
C4: The Periodic Table
C5: Quantitative chemistry
C6: Chemical reaction
C7: Electrolysis
C8: Energy changes
C9: Rate of reaction
C10: Equilibrium
C11: Crude oil and fuels
C12: Chemical analysis
C13: The Earth’s atmosphere
C14: Using the Earth’s resources

P1: Energy stores and transfers
P2: National and global energy resources
P3: Supplying electricity
P4: Electric circuits
P5: Energy of matter
P6: Atoms
P7: Nuclear radiation
P8: Forces
P9: Speed
P10: Newton’s laws of motion
P11: Waves
P12: Magnets and electromagnets