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Oxford Revise AQA A Level Biology Science Answers

Here you’ll find all the answers to the activities and exam-style practice questions featured in Oxford Revise: AQA A Level Biology.

Chapter 1: Biological molecules
Chapter 2: Proteins and enzymes
Chapter 3: Nucleotides and nucleic acids
Chapter 4: ATP, water and inorganic ions
Chapter 5: Cell structure and microscopes
Chapter 6: Mitosis and the cell cycle
Chapter 7: Transport across cell membranes
Chapter 8: The immune system
Chapter 9: Gas exchange
Chapter 10: Exchange of substances
Chapter 11: Mass transport
Chapter 12: DNA and protein synthesis
Chapter 13: Genetic variation and adaptation
Chapter 14: Species Biodiversity
Chapter 15: Photosynthesis
Chapter 16: Respiration
Chapter 17: Energy transfers and nutrient cycles
Chapter 18: Responses to stimuli
Chapter 19: Nervous co-ordination
Chapter 20: Homeostasis
Chapter 21: Inheritance
Chapter 22: Populations and evolution
Chapter 23: Gene expression
Chapter 24: Genetic technologies