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The Oxford Revise app is a Teach Secondary award finalist!

We are absolutely thrilled to learn (no pun intended) that the Oxford Revise app has been selected as a finalist in the "Curriculum Impact" category for the prestigious Teach Secondary awards in 2021.

The Oxford Revise app is the result of a collaboration between global publisher Oxford University Press and leading education technology developer Zzish, the company behind Quizalize. At the start of the pandemic, the two companies came together to come up with a new, state-of-the-art application that would help students progress their GCSEs at home.

"After the wordlwide success of Quizalize for teachers, we felt it was important that we did something for students stuck at home during the pandemic. We've always been big fans of gamified learning applications such as Duolingo, and we thought we could take that concept and made it work for GCSE maths and science too." says Charles Wiles, co-founder and CEO of Zzish.

Whilst Quizalize brought cutting-edge technology, Oxford University brought years of experience in developing high-quality learning content delivered through evidence based learning science. Their new Oxford Revise books had already set a new standard for GCSE revision guides with the focus on the three step process of "Knowledge, Retrieval and Practice".

The resulting Oxford Revise app is far more than a simple revision tool. By combining gamification to help motivate students to study, with learning science to help students push knowledge into long term memory, the two companies have created a learning apps for GCSE students that has real impact and helps students master and memorise all they need to ace their maths and science GCSEs.


The Oxford Revise App is brought to you in a partnership between Oxford University Press and Zzish Ltd.

It is powered by the Quizalize engine.